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The Trail

Neighbourhood Ride with Mt Atkinson & Grandview Residents

The team at Mt. Atkinson Community Centre had a great time exploring the new trails with our neighbours from Mt. Atkinson & Grandview!

Check out the video to see the different terrains and obstacles the local residents had the choice to ride/ run or walk.

Celebrating IDAHOBIT

ERSMA & ERCRS Decorate Mt Atkinson's Pride Tree

Edmund Rice Services- Mt. Atkinson & Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services came together to celebrate IDAHOBIT, with a very special project!

It is our team's hope that this tree will signify a safe space at Mt. Atkinson Community Centre for everyone that comes on-site to work, volunteer or participate in programs. We are also continuing to ensure our community centre is a place where every individual is free from discrimination and encouraged to be their authentic themselves.


With Rockbank Primary School

Through the art of woodwork, teamwork and resilience, Grade 5 and 6 students came together to construct 10 different safe and fun mountain bike obstacles, that are now available for the community to enjoy!

Each session involved different challenges and opportunities for the students to find solutions themselves before seeking out an adult for an answer. This gave the students time to reflect on the benefit of trying to problem solve before asking for help.


With Rockbank Primary School

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.

Herbs in The Park

You won't BAY-LEAF the fun we had!

Mt Atkinson Community Centre (Edmund Rice Community Services), partnered with Western Health and Stockland, to offer local residents sessions in the park to learn how to grow herbs.

Bike Riding

Kilometres of Mountain Bike Tracks!

Edmund Rice Services- Mt Atkinson's team have worked hard to construct multiple mountain bike tracks on the land that surrounds new developments. These tracks have supported numerous groups to build resilience, team work and personal triumphs.  

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