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Colour My Neighbourhood

Colour My Neighbourhood is a unique and inclusive community event for Mt Atkinson and Grandview residents. Through fun, creative, colourful art and play, we invite you to enjoy an afternoon meeting your neighbours. The kids will love you for bringing them along, while you enjoy meeting other adults.

The event is free and within walking distance. The team at Edmund Rice Community Services, volunteers and residents look forward to sharing the day with you.

It's best that kids wear clothes they can enjoy doing art in and you don’t need to worry too much about them getting messy.


This FREE event will be at two venues. Everyone is welcome to come to both.


19th September, Grandview Dinosaur Park

1pm to 2:30pm


26th September, The Vision Centre Mt Atkinson

1pm to 4pm


Grandview (Dinosaur Park) will be a smaller event that leads into the main event at Mt Atkinson. The kids (and Adults) will have the opportunity to make FISH STICKS. A large one for the “Ocean Show” and a smaller one to take home.

The Ocean Show will be held at the Mt Atkinson Vision Centre where there will be prizes given away. We will store your fish and set them up in the show for you to collect on the 26th (after 3:40pm. The Parade judging will be at 3:30).


Mt Atkinson (Vision Centre) will host an afternoon full of fun activities, some run by the Edmund Rice Staff and some by volunteers (If you want to volunteer, please contact Michael 0144087338 or

See below for whats on.

What's on

Some of the fun activities at this years

Colour My Neighbourhood.

Grandview Dinosaur park on the 19th of September, 1pm to 2:30pm. Edmund Rice Community Service Staff will provide the opportunity for kids to make "Fish Sticks" that will then be displayed in the "Ocean Show" at the Vision centre on the 26th. There will be prizes for colourful and creative fish designs. 

Volunteer to grow your community. Kids and adults. 

Colour My Neighbourhood is a local event and the best way to make it even more local is for you to get involved. This is an opportunity for both children and adults to participate.

Children: What ever their age, if your child would like to run an activity then lets support them. It will not only be a fun way for them to meet other kids, but a great opportunity to grow their self confidence. The activity does not have to be complicated, simple is best. We already have children running the above craft activities (Squishy Fish and Jelly Fish). We can keep the groups small so it's not over whelming for them. Our theme is oceans, so something to fit that would be good. If you have an idea please share it with us, or we can share some ideas for you to choose from. If the young person is in primary school we ask that an adult be there to support them. 

Any questions please contact


0466 597 145

Adults: Adult volunteers are needed too. This could be helping to set up, run or support an activity. It is also a great opportunity for established or emerging groups in the community to show everyone who they are. 

Please contact 


0466 597 145

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