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Lucky Loops 2023

Thank you to all those that attended and participated in the spirit of inclusion and giving it a go. It was a great day with experienced riders, young riders, new to event riders. 

A great family day. 

We are now setting our vision on 2024. We hope to see you then. 

Below is a short clip from the day. Turn on the volume.

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A bike event with a cultural flavour

Riders eat FREE

April 30th 2023    10:30am to 2pmLocation: Mt Atkinson Community Centre121-179 Greigs Road Truganina

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Lucky Loops is a cycle event designed with the multicultural mix of the west in mind. The event will be fun and inclusive. There are different categories and the distance you want to ride will be determined by you. There will be a course for those that have never been in a bike event before and for those that seek a little more adventure.  Bring a friend to ride with or ride alone. If you want to have your family and friends there to support you, they are welcome. There will be food and music on the day for the family to enjoy.  Every rider gets a meal to enjoy as part of their registration.

"Lucky Loops" will be non-competitive but super fun. There will be separate courses for individuals to choose their level of riding and adventure.

Why is the registration price so low?

With over 15kms of mountain bikes trails built by the staff at Edmund Rice Community Services, we are making cycling a strength of the West.  Our aim is to provide an inclusive day for all and we have reflected this by bringing on sponsors to make the day affordable for individuals and families. We have even included a meal for all riders.

How "Lucky Loops" works?

Register for your distance.

2km Kids. (12 and under) Lucky dip prizes. Every child will get a prize for every loop.

2km Adults. Coffee and Scones. One lap gets a coffee (or tea). 2 laps get you a scone. If you want the jam….do another lap…...then you’ll have to do a fourth lap to burn some calories to add the cream!

5km Open age. Enter to win a prize. 


Each loop you ride, you will receive a token that you can exchanged for the lucky dip or coffee. If you are riding the 5km's, each loop will be recored as an entry for the prize draw.

If you want, you can ride the course again to gain another token....and again and again until the cut off time. More loops, more prizes and chances to win.

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What is the course like?

2km loop. This trail is on dirt, there is a slight down and uphill, with some easy cornering. The trail was designed with beginners in mind. 

5km loop. This loop was designed with intermediate riders in mind. It is a dirt trail. You will start on a wider trail (to help spread out the riders) before enjoying the single tracks. There is a little more uphill and faster down hills.  There are obstacles throughout the course to enjoy, some easy, some more challenging. All the obstacles have an option to go around them. 

Food and Drinks

Riders and spectators can enjoy some great food from around the world. All riders will get a meal as part of their registration price. There will be Middle Eastern, Somalian, Indian, English and more. Come for the ride and stay for the food. Spectators can also purchase the delicious food to enjoy while taking in the cultural performances and supporting you to do more laps. 

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Choose Your LOOP!

Choose the loop that best suits your skill level and age group, 

Register here

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Course and token/prize rules

  • 2km Kids.

    • Under 12-year old’s. 

    • Lucky dip prizes. Every child will get a prize for every loop. One prize per loop.

    • Prizes can be collected at the end of each loop or they can be saved and collected after the ride cut off time.

  • 2km Adults.

    • The first lap gets one coffee (or tea). Your 2nd lap gets you a scone. 3rd lap the jam and 4th lap the cream. If you want to do more laps, you are welcome to, but the limit is one coffee or tea per rider. You can get more scones or just ride the loop for fun.

  • 5km Open age.

    • Riders must be over 12 years old.

    • Riders under 14 years old must have an over 18 rider with them on this loop.

    • Enter to win a prize. There will be lots of prizes and chances to win, the more laps the more chances to win.

  • Riding starts at 10:30. You can start anytime after that, you just have less time.

  • Last lap must start before 12:30. (i.e, if you cross the start/finish line at 12:29 you can complete a final lap. 

  • Sorry but you cannot swap from one category (loop) to another on the day, so choose the one that best suits your riding wishes for the event.

  • The organisers have the right to redirect riders to the most appropriate course for safety reasons. 

Edmund Rice Community Services, Mt Atkinson 

Mt Atkinson Community Centre and their mountain bike trails are located on Wurundjeri and Bunurong land. It is a community resource that provides opportunities for people who live, learn, work or recreate locally, to come together. 


We believe in the magic that is created when people from all walks of life gather to share stories, knowledge and skills. 


We use nature and the outdoors to connect with the community and bring people together for events, recreational activity days and ongoing programs. 


MACC is managed by Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson (ERSMA). Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can design programs and events with you.


Q) Do riders really eat for free? 

Q) Is the trail suitable for beginner riders? 

A) Yes. The 2km trail is suitable for riders that are comfortable riding independently on dirt. Wider tyres are recommended. 

A) Yes. Our sponsors have helped make the day even better with a free meal for each sponsor.

Q) Is there a minimum age?

A) No, there is no under age limit.

Riders 9 year old and under, need to be accompanied by a rider 16 and over.

Q) How many loops can I do?

A) As many as you can until the cut off time at 12:30. If you cross the finish/start line before 12:30 then you can do a final lap. 

Q) E-Bikes

A) E-Bikes are a great way for riders to participate in an event that may not normally think of doing. We are doing our best to make this event an inclusive and fair ride for all. 

E-Bike riders are asked to ride on the lower, eco setting.

In an effort to be as fair as possible, riders need to complete 2 laps to gain a ticket for the prize draw or luck dip.

Q) Can I bring food and drink

A) There will be delicious cultural food available on the day, but if you wish to bring your own you are welcome to. Please NO alcohol as this is a family friendly event. 

Q) What happens if I have a flat tire or mechanical problem.

A) All mechanical issues including flat tires are the responsibility of the riders. Riders need to make room for other riders to pass and make their way back to the start, 

Q) Is there water along the ride? 

Q) Can I swap the loop distance I registered for on the day

A) If the rain has been enough to stop us from riding, you will be notified and a refund will be issued. 

A) No, unless the organisers feel there is a safety reason for swapping. Please read the information clearly about each loop to choose your best category. 

Q) What happens if it rains?

A) If the rain has been enough to stop us from riding, you will be notified and a refund will be issued. 

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“The Lucky Loops event was funded by the Victorian Government’s Empowering Communities initiative as part of the Building Safer Communities Program.”

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