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Sharing Stories

Artisanal Boxes

Share and inspire

We don't need to tell you as a weaver about the long history of weaving, it's social importance over thousands of years and its cultural significance that runs deep. These are all part of the reasons why we are looking for artists like you to share your weaving with everyone. 

Join us to celebrate all things weaving.


Our desire is to share a diversity of styles and approaches as well as cultural practices. Although we are keen for all things weaving we will be selective so we can show case broad variety of weaving.  

How would you like to be apart of the 2024 Weaving Fair

Woman Weaving

Expression of interest


  • Name of artist or group.

  • Phone number

  • Discribe your weaving practice.

  • Provide photos of your work. Best sent to Michael

  • Website or social media links

Any further questions contact Michael

Wa are you expressing interest in?

Thank you, we will be in touch soon.

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