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Our History

In 2014, Directors of Mt Atkinson Holdings (MAH) - Anthony Caligiuri, Eli Goldfinger and David Scalzo - initiated contact with Edmund Rice Services to establish a project to support groups who are perhaps underrepresented, more vulnerable, living with intergenerational disadvantage to the forefront of their planning. Since then, Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson (ERSMA) has worked in partnership with MAH to develop a community service at Mt Atkinson that engages with the growth corridor of Brimbank, Melton and Wyndham.

Mission Statement

Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson (ERSMA) works dynamically to provide a meaningful, community-based support service.
ERSMA connects children, young people and families in Melbourne’s west (particularly within the Mt Atkinson precinct).

Our Logo

The concept for our logo incorporates a number of elements derived from our physical site and reflects the natural environment of
Mt Atkinson. Our logo aims to present a strong icon for the home - it is welcoming, flowing and connected.
Text has been placed around the outer ring, creating a stamp-like effect - signalling approval, history, integrity.
Earthy colours have been used to reflect the natural soils and rocks of the local area.


The circular rings suggest that family history is important to ERSMA, especially for refugee, migrants and First Nations communities.
Our logo is inclusive of everyone by age, culture, ability, gender and sexuality, as it does not depict any persons.
The inclusion of a home in the logo emphasises ERSMA’s efforts to support family relationship development and functioning.

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Mt Atkinson 
Community Centre

Through our partnership with Mt Atkinson Holdings, ERSMA has access to over 400 hectares of land.
This has enabled our team to construct approximately 15km worth of tracks for walking and beginner-intermediate mountain bike riding. Our team has also created culturally safe spaces for groups to be 'on country' and can utilise existing local and open area to facilitate recreational activities such as field archery, nature-based art and free play.


In addition, we facilitate programming on a High Challenge Ropes course located near the front entrance of the homestead, which is themed around adventure and experiential learning.

Governance Structure

Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson (ERSMA) is a non-profit organisation which trades under Edmund Rice Community Services Ltd (ERCS) and is governed by the Edmund Rice Community Services (ERCS) Board. ERSMA operates as a business unit, with an Advisory Board who supports the mission, strategy and operations of the organisation. Br. Bill Wilding is the Chair, Frank Rice - Deputy Chair & Treasurer and Board Members include Adrienne Ringin, Bernie Cronin, Rebecca Comini, Philip Bare and Rebecca Gauci Maurici. 

Who is Edmund Rice?

Edmund Rice was born in Ireland in the 1700s. In his mid-20s, Edmund fell in love, was married and became a father. He was a successful businessman and was blessed with wealth and happiness. However, the tragedy of his wife's early death dramatically changed Edmund’s outlook of life.

In his deep despair, Edmund’s eyes were opened to the poverty and injustices in his home town. He felt compelled to make a difference and started a school for the poor and homeless children in his town of Waterford, Ireland. Edmund gave everything he had - his money and his life - to help others, especially children. Other men joined him in his mission. These men became known as the Christian Brothers and their work spread throughout the world.

Edmund Rice was a man who recognised the needs of his time and responded to this through actions of advocacy.
The work of Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers continues today through Edmund Rice Education Australia and
Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania, which is the governing body for Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding

ERSMA continuously seeks to engage in safeguarding best practice, which works to prevent and minimise the risk of harm to children and adults who engage with any of our services. We seek to ensure that all those who hold a duty of care towards children are aware of their responsibilities to respond to any safety concerns that arise.


We are guided by the following principles:

  • Zero tolerance of abuse

  • Diversity respected

  • Shared responsibility

  • Existence of risk for children

  • Professional responses

  • Accountability

For a copy of our Safeguarding Policy - click here

For a copy of our Safeguarding Procedural Manual- click here

For more information regarding safeguarding
or to raise a safeguarding concern
please contact:

Jennifer Lewis
Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania
Safeguarding Coordinator 
0438 917 505 

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Meet The Team

MM headshot.jpg

Mark Monahan

Executive Officer

Mark combines his social work and recreation training to strive for innovative and community impacting service delivery. He strongly believes in empowering communities. Mark works from a holistic point of view where he tries to draw on his work and life experience, day to day interactions with the community and being a husband and father. 

Laura headshot.png

Laura Di Pasquale

Community Development Officer

Laura is a social worker who is passionate about working proactively to enhance social wellbeing and health for local residents. Having worked across Melbourne’s west with young people and families for the past 8 years, Laura enjoys working collaboratively with external agencies to build the capacity of participants and to ensure a holistic approach is used. 

Michael Photo.jpg

Michael Naismith

Recreation Co-ordinator

Michael started in outdoor education in the early 90s, then moved across to “Bush Adventure Therapy”. He has worked with youth and adults, and is passionate about connecting people with the outdoors and its healing and learning benefits. He is passionate about connecting people with the outdoors and its healing and learning benefits. Michael has a working background in graphic design and a love of art. He regularly brings the outdoors and art together.

Kristen Head shot.png

Kristen Barker

Program Officer

Kristen is a youth worker, who takes on a holistic approach to education. She has worked throughout the disability sector, supporting vulnerable young people and in outdoor education. She combines her experience and passion for outdoor recreation, to empower and support individuals in the community. 

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