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Why We Partner?

Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson (ERSMA) prefers to work in partnership, whether that be with neighbourhoods, groups, schools, agencies, businesses or emergency services. We have this philosophy in order to work from a grassroots perspective and ensure local people can participate and have ownership of their community development.


We also wish to maximise resources (financial, personnel, social and natural) and strive to prevent duplication as we draw on different peoples' expertise. We are very keen to discuss ways ERSMA can complement different organisations' ideas, programs or funding proposals.

We understand that working in partnership requires different and unique components. We recognise important elements such as
co-design, may involve factors including amplifying the voice of children and the presence of cultural safety ("nothing for us, without us”). Partnering can become a lengthier process and may not necessarily save on costs but builds up rapport and ensures equal contribution resulting in collective impact which to us, is paramount.

We are extremely fortunate to partner with the following organisations:

David Scalzo, Anthony Caligiuri, Eli Gol

David Scalzo, Anthony Caligiuri and Eli Goldfinger, the Developers of Mt Atkinson, have generously supported Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson and our community project with building works, access to undeveloped land and seed funding to get us going. 


ERSMA has worked in partnership with Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Services, to deliver holiday programs and community events. Our partnership is continuing to grow as we collaborate on upcoming programs, such has an overnight camp with the Flemington Community Programs Group.

Specilized No 3.jpg

Bicycle experts Specialized are passionate about assisting children and young people to experience all the health and wellbeing benefits that come from cycling. They assist us with complimentary servicing of our fleet of bikes and delivery of community programs. 

We enjoy collaborating with diverse organisations and funding bodies to deliver initiatives that are focused on self-agency, wellbeing and empowerment.

Photo 1.jpg

We are delighted to partner with Stockland and Caroline Springs RSL to provide residents living in both Mt Atkinson and Grandview estates a FREE Community Bus service to help commuters get to and from Rockbank Train Station.


ERSMA is working with Kirrip Aboriginal Corporation to deliver the Youth In Partnership program and Study Buddies Homework Club. These programs are designed with indigenous young people, who have the desire to connect with peers, learn more about culture and identity and learn from our Elders.

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