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Connecting Communities

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Colour My Neighbourhood is held in the September school holidays. It is an initiative of Edmund Rice Community Services, Mt Atkinson, with the support of Stockland. The events aim's to bring people together to strengthen relationships and pride in their community. Together we grow a stronger and well-connected community, that benefits from better social health and leads to individuals feeling safer in their homes and surrounds. Neighbours that know neighbours will look out for each other.

The fun, interactive and colourful activities arranged by Edmund Rice Services are for all ages. Community members are also invited to prepare, plan, or run activities for their neighbours.

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Our "BIRDS" theme has been chosen to acknowledge the huge diversity of birds that can be found in the western plains.

Your back yard! 

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Free Chalk!

Let's decorate our footpaths with colourful drawings. Let's draw birds everywhere, then walk around the neighbourhood to see the fun designs. There will be some small prizes at the end of the school holidays. 

One box of free chalk, (for Mt Atkinson and Grandview residents only) is available for each family. Please register for your box. They will be ready for pick up at the event on the 20th of September at Grizzly bear or Dinosaur park.

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Food Trucks

Food & Hot Drinks

Free coffee, hot chocolate and snacks will be provided to Mt Atkinson and Grandview residents on the day. 


Food Fun

Rainbow Bird Snactivity

Come and create a fun and colourful bird with the Health Promotion Team from Western Health.

Use healthy, colourful food to make a bird that you can then take away and eat.... yum!

There will also be prizes for some of the creative stand outs

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Jimmi Buscombe

Professional Chalk Artist

Jimmi Buscombe is a full-time artist based in Warrnambool, on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. He specialises in high detailed wildlife art, portraiture, anamorphic public art, murals & street art, using a range of styles and techniques to create stunningly life-like representations of his subjects.

Jimmi will be creating an inspiring piece of art work in chalk at each play ground. Come along to get your photo taken with his work.

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Local Artists

Chalk Drawing Inspiration

Local artists will be teaching a variety of different ways to use chalk creatively on the foot paths. For all ages. 

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Bird Wings

Community Project

All neighbours are invited to contribute to a stunning group art work.

Make a feather that will be arranged into giant wings, then installed at the entrance of the Vision Centre in Mt Atkinson. 

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Bird Photography Program

The Western Plains, where Mt Atkinson and Grandview sit, are home to an incredibly diverse variety of birds. Liam Cochrane, a university lecturer and former ABC correspondent, is a keen bird watcher with many years experience behind a camera. In the last few months Liam has sited almost 40 different birds on the Mt Atkinson estate alone. Edmund Rice Services Mt Atkinson have engaged Liam to run a bird photography program for the local community.

Limited postions available.